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Fabulous fabulous!

We return from my small hiatus with a very Fabulous Friday: there’s fabulous news and a fabulous feature (aka a Whoah Momma)! Ah, Fridays, we should totally date or at least get a coffee or something! ;)

First off! Fabulous news!

Last month, I was awarded the freelance graphic design position for Forrester Events! I’m always looking* to apply my skills across a wide range of subjects and formats, and this awesome opportunity enables me to work on corporate materials from concept to completion! Hopefully there’ll be some things I can show you starting a few months down the road (think February), so stay tuned!

And now, your Fabulous Feature:

found via Geekologie

I didn’t even know we had the technology to record things at 1 million frames per second, but assuming it is true, this video is a stunning 10 minute pairing of destruction and beauty. Bullets are recorded in slow motion as they race towards various objects from paper and gels to glass and steel plates. The resulting splashes of liquefied metal, laced glass, or chambers of air are mesmerizing! It can get a little screen-saver at times, but it’s a perfect way to just tune out and wind down after a harrowing day.

Alternately, one begins to wonder why we create more and more powerful weapons when it’s quite obvious what one small, high-velocity piece of metal could do. Is it curiosity? Creativity, misdirected? On second thought, ignore that Debbie Downer and just watch the vid!

*On a related but side note, if you like my designs or conceptual thinking capabilities but don’t see anything similar to what you’re looking for, then it’s perfect because it probably means I’m looking for that exact opportunity to create! I’ve already been really lucky to have a number of people give me the chance to keep my experiences broad and varied, but I want to keep being challenged and keep growing! So, if you have something in mind, we should chat! /solicitation and back to all things Fabulous! =)

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