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  1. Hobbies

    New sketchbook incorporating bookbinding and up-cycling. Go Green!

  2. Design Update

    update on my design-work: Forrester Events themes, postcards, and brochures. Corporate aeshetics vs. personal and academic design preferences.

  3. James Jean XOXO Postcard Notebook

    Postcard notebook featuring 30 works by James Jean. I art directed and edited the book to make it more marketable and fitting within Chronicle Books’ collection of postcard notebooks.

  4. little note, BIG THANKS

    Thank you card inspired by my composer friend and her little sister.

  5. AIGA studio tours poster/book and spread

    SF AIGA asked Chronicle Books to design the poster for this year’s studio tours and I designed the layout so that it could convert into a book with a spread for every in-house designer. Shown is my spread based on the tour’s theme.