Website Design
800px x 600px
Shear provider website for pet grooming

1) Create online presence for start-up company
2) Aesthetic must cater to client's masculine preferences while appealing to a largely female audience
3) Art-direct photoshoot and brand identity
4) Define business goals
5) Refine business strategy and product offerings


Degree Project
sizes vary
Room created by "ordinary" objects in which the viewer would gain nothing unless he or she stopped and interacted with them. Shown: a cardboard box that reveals more than 30 boxes. A few words strung together reads, "nothing like the present."

1) Walk the fine line between extraordinary and ordinary
2) To reveal a message while leaving room for viewer to discover his or her own truths


The Blob Blog Logo and Custom Template Design
template: 745px wide
Two females' diet and exercise blog, incorporated logo design, and branding

1) Reflect a fun, energetic, and female presence without becoming too sugary
2) Convey dichotomy between authors' bulbous shapes and love for good food with their lofty desires to obtain the perfect womanly figure
3) Protect blogger anonymity
4) Increase site navigability


The Electric Company (TEC) Printed Materials
style guide: 11" x 8.5"
style ref. poster: 11" x 17"
student vocab. list: 8.5" x 11"
teacher's guide: 5.5" x 9"
Two style guides outlining TEC's cast photography and illustrations as well as its flexible logo component breakdown and usage, an accompanying quick-reference poster, a children's master vocabulary list, and a teacher's manual

1) All materials need to be simple and clear while reflecting TEC's fun and energetic brand
2) Style guides and poster organizes illustrations, photography, and logo components, clarifies guidelines, and includes visual examples
3) Children's materials are designed in grayscale and appeal to urban male tweens with high illiteracy rate
4) Manual should accommodate a large amount of text and various charts while keeping to allotted page count


LYRIC 20th Anniversary Logo
any size
Logo directions for a 20th anniversary celebration of Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC), an organization committed to emotionally supporting, preparing, and building up lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth in the San Francisco community.

1) Logo must be energetic, powerful, strong, progressive, and welcoming
2) Client interest in illustrative or "bangy" aesthetic
3) Pride or LYRIC-associated color tie-in a plus
4) Could possibly establish system for the four different events at the celebration
5) Celebration byline: "all together different"


The Egyptian Book of the Dead Cover
9.5" x 14"
Revised cover for The Egyptian Book of the Dead

1) To appeal to scholarly and student ancient Egypt enthusiasts alike
2) Increased legibility at thumb-nail size for online vendors
3) Showcase illustrated texts in a brighter and more contemporary fashion


The Best Dance Moves in the World...Ever! Cover
5.535" x 8.74" x 0.571"

Cover for the UK buy-in The Best Dance Moves in the World...Ever!

1) Design should appeal to American audiences
2) Cover should reflect energy and color of interior


Playboy Slipcase and Marketing Sheet
6.5" x 8.25" x 2"

Slipcase for Playboy's Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads trilogy for Borders.

1) Slipcase that reflects the established Playboy style and incorporates the specific set's pre-designed aesthetic
2) Must encourage sales of trilogy after first run's less successful attempt


Special Exhibition Catalog
9.5" x 9.75"

Dual exhibition catalog for the Metropolitan Museum of Art

1) Present seemingly dissimilar artists Santiago Calatrava and Robert Rauschenberg in one cohesive book
2) Collect and edit content for both exhibitions


Backroads of New England Deck
4" x 5.75" x 1.25"

Travel deck for fifty local points of interest in New England

1) Create a flexible identity system that can accommodate a potential series of regional Backroads of decks


RIDE CD Package
5.125" x 5.375" x 0.625"

CD package and booklet that parallels the history of Harley Davidson and rock and roll music.

1) Solution should appeal to a wide audience who aspire towards the Harley lifestyle
2) Should not hinge on a particular song or artist


Traces of Providence
(each) 36" x 24"

Identities of Providence residents were extrapolated through the items they leave behind in a series of posters

1) To use a system to generate each poster presentation


Special Exhibition Poster & PDA
(poster) 17" x 24"

Poster and PDA for The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1) Promote special exhibitions to commuters
2) Create user-friendly interface for further detail that ties back to poster advertisement


Millennium Identity System
any size

New identity system for pharmaceutical company, Millennium

1) Reconnect company to its consumers in a way that does not compromise its integrity and authority
2) Illustrate logo flexibility in applications from stationery to promotional materials

Tribeca Film Festival Brochure
4.25" x 7.5"

Informational mail brochure for the Tribeca Film Festival, a summer-long film festival in Manhattan

1) The advertisement must appeal to the general public while asserting its urban location